PABX Dubai Panasonic Telephone System

Many companies now employ the use of PBX phone system. This is the best time to edify yourself on how this phone system actually works.

More on PBX
This is an abbreviation of Private Branch Exchange. Private companies utilize this telephone network. This also allows them to share lines from the outside so they can make calls to outside telephone networks. They call this the extension.

This allows people within the company to use fax machines, modems and other devices within the network. In easier terms, there is sharing for every device within the company as it is using just one network.

This term was coined by switchboard operators. They were able to run a company using switchboards. As technology progressed and the manual systems were replaced by automated ones, the term then evolved to PABX or private automatic branch exchange

Advantages of PBX
One of the advantages of this phone system that many business owners could not pass up is the cost of phone calls. They can save much on phone calls within the company only. As technology progresses, they can do more than just call. There are more features added to the telephone system such as extension dialling and call forwarding. With these additional features, office systems became more competent.

Latest Innovations
VoIP has also wormed its way to this technology. Now, the merging of PBX and VoIP led to the development of IP-PBX. This allows users to call utilizing Internet Protocol. Now people within the network can do conference calling in addition to the first features introduced by this technology. Other features include caller ID functions, call forwarding functions, auto dialling, automatic call distributor, call waiting and call transfer.

On Cell Phones Too!
There is now mobile PBX. It allows the use of PBX technology and extends to mobile phones which is good for business people. Not only that, it can also connect to PDA devices and smart phones so it is pretty much very versatile.

This phone system is ideal for small business. It allows you to expand your communication lines as your business grows. Also, it allows you to cut back on cost on communication which is often times one of the most expensive part of a business.

Hire an expert and ask how you can have a Panasonic Pabx Dubai phone system installed in your company. This does not only ease up costs but also helps make transactions a lot easier as it enables easy communication with other devices.

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